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First off we need a little more information then that.. ;) Which version of Windows 7 do you have installed? (Also, which variant; 32-bit or 64-bit?) Was this a clean install or an upgrade install?

What is the model of your Webcam? Where did you obtain drivers for your webcam? Windows Updates or from the manufacturers website?

Is the webcam working at all? Or just freeze up and not do anything? What type of interface does your webcam have? USB? Firewire?

If you could answer these questions then maybe we can help you out! :)

Version: Windows 7 Ultimate
Variant: 64 bit
it is a clean install....not a upgrade install.
Webcam is worked with windows XP.
I got the drivers from the shop where i brought my laptop.

Give us this info:

Radenight said:
What is the model of your Webcam?

I'd suggest using drivers from the manufacturers site.. The drivers you got from the shop are probably old and as a result don't work with Windows 7.. ;) So, I would check on the manufacturers site and see if they have any Windows 7 (or Win Vista) drivers available for download.. ;) Make sure you uninstall the previous driver before installing a new one to avoid any conflict.. ;)

Also, what is the model of your webcam?

If the Manufacturers site doesn't have any available Windows 7 drivers then try running Windows Update and see if it finds a suitable driver.. :)

Its inbuilt webcam.. i dont know the model.
How to find the model?

Is the web cam built in your monitor ?

YES...web cam built in monitor

I had a similar problem with a built in web cam in my Dell laptop..when I did a clean install of windows 7, the web cam no longer worked. Im not sure if your laptop is a Dell or not, but if it is, you will need to download the Dell webcam manager from the Dell support site. Im not sure if you used a OEM disk or not, but if you just used a retail copy as i did , your software that came bundled with your pc will no longer be there and you will have to reinstall the OEM software that you want. Hope this helps.

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