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OK, i know this is specifically for windows 7 which i use, but i also windows xp & ive had this post on other forums & no one is bothering to help & since you guys are a great bunch i figured id see if you can help as im sure many of us came from xp to win7 like myself.

Anyways, I play a online text based game & we all use what we call a sidebar to perform tasks quicker. Well one day it just stopped working on my xp machine, IE, Chrome, Firefox all refuse to load it saying connection has been reset all the time, however i have Netscape which is no longer supported that works with it.

Ive tried all settings, uninstalling & everything but nothing seems to work only netscape. But this is the strange thing, i enabled a proxy on ie, firefox, chrome & although it was slow, it worked & as soon as i connected directly using my ip it dosnt.

Netscape is using direct connection & works yet the other 3 dont.
the url in question is

Any idea's?

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If you can access the site via a proxy, seems that your IP is blocked from the site. Did you maybe violate a rule that would cause them to block your IP?
Do you have a static IP? (IP that doesn't change when you reconnect to the internet.... If it's a home computer and you don't know, most probably you don't. If it's a work computer, ask your boss).

I was able to access the site.


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nah its home computer & the ip isnt blocked because it works using netscape browser which is the only browser i could find that would load it, IE8, Firefox & Chrome refuse to load it, constantly times out or connection reset! I've tried checking my router settings to see if its flagged it as malicious or my fw,av but nothing i could find. One of the strange things im unable to fix without asking :D

If you're really interested in taking a proactive solution to solving what the problem could be, use Wireshark to analyze the packets being sent from your machine while working and see what may be different in the other browsers that fail. Maybe the ones that are failing are making different requests or some reason similar.

Make sure in I.E. - Tools | Internet Options | Connections tab | Lan settings

that no boxes are checked at all. Remove if so. Ok your way out. Close I.E.

This affects the entire system and fixes issues like this many times. Maybe this is one of them.

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