Weird audio problem


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I am running Windows 7 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64

I have a Creative X-FI X-Treme Music soundcard with the Windows 7 driver installed.

The problem just started today. I am listening to music and after a while the audio went strange. It seemed to fade and I could not hear the voices in it only the guitar and drums which also went quiter a bit.

Does anyone know how I can resolve this?


If you have your old drivers on CD still try installing those by searching the disc from device manager or if possible manually selecting them from the CD as long as it's a signed 64 bit windows driver even if it's XP pro, seven will usually get it to install it might behave better than the generic one from MS.


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Sorry, I meant to say that I have Creative's beta Windows 7 driver installed, not the Microsoft generic one.

In that case have you fried the generic one? Probably sucks to not have your control panel EQ and the like but it might identify a driver problem.Does creative have a forum some folks over there may be more knowledgeable about their proprietary stuff, they proibably are looking for feedback as well seeing that it's a beta driver.


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What model of X-Fi are you using?

Take a look here

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