Weird browser problem


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I'm running both Firefox 7 & IE 9 on Windows 7 (Pro) and have recently run into a strange problem when I'm using both browsers at the same time. Because of some Java issues (I think) in FF, I've had to use IE to watch my TV catchup, so sometimes have each one sitting on a separate tab (BBC/Ch4/Ch5). But what invariably happens is that when I stop a programme, & then switch to FF to do some other browsing, after a period of time & often without me anywhere near the PC at all, the programme (most usually IPlayer) starts running all of its own accord. :frown:

I stop it but leave the tab still open but move to make a different tab the focus, come out of it again, minimize the programme etc & go back to whatever else I wanted to do only to have it happen again a short time later. I can find no rhyme or reason for it doing this & have never come across any programme that could start itself up without any input from the user unless through some automation which I don't have.

Open programmes are Outlook, Win media player, Itunes, IE & Firefox. I don't have anything running on scheduled & unlike FF there's no facility I've found to refresh a tab automatically in IE.

Just a very unusual problem so wondering if anyone has any ideas on a likely possible cause?

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