Weird Custom Sound Issue

I selected a custom sound to play whenever I close a program or when I load up Windows 7 (among others, but these are the important ones in this query) under "Change system sounds". For some reason, whenever I load up windows, the "Close program" sound I designated plays over and over like 3 or 4 times, alongside the "Windows Logon" sound. I cannot for my life figure out why it's doing this. What is it closing over and over on startup. All I want is for it to play the logon sound when I logon, nothing more. Is there any way to stop this tedious issue?

Thanks in advance for any help provided.

Got much stuff in your system tray?

You're probably hearing programs start with windows open and then minimize to the system tray...

Not much actually. Just the Razer tray icon and Spysweeper tray, oh and Realtek HD audio's tray icon.

I just looked in MSconfig and adobe reader's crap was loading. Maybe that was it. I'll check and post back.

Yep, I agree with CommonTater. I like to customize my sounds and at times i have had something real noisy at startup. You probably want to set some lightweight, tame sound for "start program", and for "close program"

Actually those two sounds are always left off in my setups... Way too annoying... Almost as annoying as the old Win95 "typing" sound every time you click the mouse...

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