Weird Fruit Burns Fat

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    Move over Weight Watchers — an exotic new superfruit called 'Maqui Berry' has quickly become the hottest new way to lose weight.

    After FOX News Channel medical contributor Dr. Manny Alvarez highlighted the weight-loss benefits of Maqui Berry—12.6 times more powerful than Acai Berry—sales of Maqui Berry have skyrocketed, making it now the most popular weight-loss product in America today.

    Internet searches reveal countless blog postings and Facebook messages, singing the praises of this new weight-loss wonder fruit.

    Food Network Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray even featured the fat-burning power of Maqui Berry recently on her national TV show.

    University of Texas Study: 400% Greater Weight Loss Power

    Over 10 Times Greater Fat-Burning Power Than Acai Berry, Research Shows

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