Windows 7 Weird glitch in Explorer


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Hey guys! I was wondering if you could help me out with this glitch my tree makes in explorer.
Usually I'm able to search for a solution but I need names on the different assets in Explorer to do that. And since I dunno what the "tree" is really called I can't do a proper search.

Anyways, I shall link a photo of the explorer windows and the jagged up links to the left. :/ I thought it was an AMD issue such as the one with my mouse arrow sometimes changing to something else than an arrow when I switched from monitor 1 to 2 and so on.. This was fixed when I got my new GeForce card, but now I see that's not the issue with this bug. I have never seen anything like it on my old computers it only started happening on my new rig.

16 gigz CL10 ram
GF 680 gfx card
Maximus V Gene mobo
i5 3rd gen processor.

I doubt these specs has anything to do with this glitch. :/

It'd be great if you guys knew anything, looking at the picture.
As you can see it's the links on the side that pretty much align wrong. When I hover over them, I'm able to "reload" the links and they will all go back to normal, however the instant I scroll, they will jag up again in weird piles. This happens in explorer and in subexplorers as "Save to" dialogs and the likes of it.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Not a big issue, but aesthetically displeasing 2 the max.