Weird move/copy procedure from HDD to USB Storage Device

When I copy files from HDD to USB Device progress jumps from 0 to 90% fast (as it should), but then it stops and "freezes" on 90% and after a while (dependent on the size of file) the move/copy procedure finishes. In result it takes 30+ secs to copy a 200MB file instead of about 17 to 20 seconds.
I've tested this on all USB access ports with different USB Devices (problem persists).
* If I move/copy files from USB Device to HDD all goes ok (no freezes or anything weird). This problem is only present when moving/copying from HDD to USB Device. I run Windows 7 32-bit version.

First I thought maybe it's some hardware issue of mine, but then I found out that my brother who also runs Windows 7 (only 64-bit) has exactly the same issue. Also as I remember - this problem appeared relatively recently (sometime this year - didn't note the first occurrence). I've applied all the Windows 7 patches, so I suspect that one of those patches might have caused this...

Any insight on the situation is welcome.
Thanks in advance!

UPDATE - I kept testing this issue and soon realised, that I had only Corsair GT (High Speed) USB Devices for initial testing, so I got some standard speed USB Devices and all move/copy operations from HDD to USB Devices went without a hitch, thus it seems that there's a problem with Windows 7 and High Speed USB devices, like my Corsair 64GB Survivor GT.

Hope this helps to pinpoint the issue/problem...


Hello? Anyone? ... Echo ... Echo... Echo...

Anyone experience similar problem with High Speed USB devices or anything? Any input, please...

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