weird resizeable thingy

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing what i am. I noticed a few weeks ago what looked like a small circle near the top left of my desktop. When i hovered over it, the pointer turned into a "resize" arrow. I am able to make this circle bigger (it turns into a square with round corners when i make it bigger). when i do make it bigger, it's just a blank black box. i can't right click it or do anything. it doesnt appear to be hurting anything, but i would like to know if anyone else has this problem. the pictures attached are what it looked like when i first opened it and what it looks like when resized..... WEIRD


it seems to have gone away since my post... after studying it for a length of time last night, i noticed that it had the same characteristics as a window border. i opened up a new window and shrunk it down as much as i could and was able to recreate the little circle thing. perhaps it was just a ghost window?

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