Weird screen comes up when booting windows 7

The screens only comes up when certain things are plug into the computer. Like a usb or ethernet cable. When it is unplug it'll boot up normally. Does anybody know what this is?


looks like a bad hardware/driver compatibility issue - old hardware?

Yup, looks like a broken video memory.

Do you see this only when booting or do you also see this when logged on and when in bios setup ? Are you doing any overclocking ?

Old hp computer

It's an old hp computer that was originally running xp. I threw in win 7 and that's all. No overclocking. It only shows up when booting, before the windows logo shows up. When it does boot up correctly win 7 runs really nicely. All drivers been searched and installed properly. The ram is 512mb if that has to do with anything. So should I put in xp instead?

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I would guess a lack of ram ram problem. It is booting in VGA mode, until itreads, and is able to load the correct drivers.
But even so, you could be wasting your money on more ram. I think maybe this is a very old graphics card with no built in ram?


thank you for all the reply. i kinda narrowed it down to my wireless usb mouse toggle. when it is plugged in its stuck on that screen, but if i leave it unplug it'll start. I guess i'll try adding 1gb ram stick to see if everything is better.

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