weird suspend mode phenomenon

Hi again , hope all is well ..

I am having some weird thing happening to my computer, I never saw anything like this before in windows xp , so that's why I attempt to ask it here.

While using Windows 7 for some time now , I am recently seeing very weird things happening. I am just starting up the computer and browsing and watching a video at the same as I always do , and the screen simply falls to BLACK, and the computer turns itself off.

I am thinking "suspend mode" and although I am overclocking I think it's a windows 7 thing I haven't come across. When the computer shuts down , the displays go off line and I can not get them back on. I have to physically "RESET BUTTON" the computer and then it restarts just fine , and guess what ?

My previous state reappears just like that.... Can someone assist ?

Thank you


So basically what I was saying , is that the system just falls into slumber , and I can't get out of it other than pulling the plug or hard reset.

johnny quid

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I'am taking it for granted that you have tried all the usual methods i.e. recent hardware/software changes, sys/restore and mounting a backup image from when times were good.personally i would stockclock your CPU and GPU and restore an image, but hey i'm a newbie.
Also i dare say you could try a fresh install,and if still having issuse look at your graphics adapter?
good luck.

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