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When first started, the welcome screen contained 3 icons representing 2 home users & 1 guest account. Now, the welcome screen only shows 2 icons..last user logged on & guest user. How can I revert to former view?

Have read all help menus within Win 7, as well as system restore. Didn't work. Any help appreciated. TY


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It's a wild guess but please have a try at this: (also please be advised my translation from Dutch towards english could be a problem)
Goto start en RIGHTclick on the My Computer icon, revealing a window with some choices. There should be an option like "manage"or something (beheren in Dutch) Leftclick that option what should give you a window like ton the screenshot.
Find the map: local users and groups (or something alike), open that and find the map users. In that map you will find all the users who have acces on your computer. Rightclick the username in the right window and choose "properties" (on the screenshot i used the administrator as an exaple, you of course should click the user missing)
Then be sure the option: account is terminated, closed, shut or whatever the english version says is NOT marked.

Hope this helps, good luck,




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Thank you, Mast, for your thoughtfulness in responding. I followed your clear directions only to discover that despite the eifference in language, I am indeed missing the item:
" Lokale gebruibers....".

I will try a translation site to determine if AI can find this item in another directory. As you can determine, I am a first level intermediate technical user. Running Win 7 Home Premium Edition 64 bit.

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