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    The Conversations (aka Nokia/Lumia Conversations) and the Microsoft Surface blogs have moved into a new home and we’re now officially called the Microsoft Devices Blog!


    If you’ve been a regular reader of our Conversations or Surface blogs, you might notice we’re now blogging from our new home on the Windows blog network. If you stumbled across our blog for the first time – welcome!

    Earlier this year, we announced we would align our company structure to our strategy, bringing the Windows and Devices teams together to take the Windows ecosystem forward. Today, we do the same with our blogs, giving you a one-stop-shop for all things Windows and Microsoft devices.

    The Microsoft Devices Blog brings together people and stories from our Surface and Lumia blogs. Going forward, this will be your go-to destination for the latest news and stories on all-things Microsoft Surface, Lumia, Band and HoloLens, and inspiring stories about the latest technology, innovations and people shaping the mobile industry.

    To see the latest news about Windows, head over to our Windows Experience Blog. To keep up to date with all the action across all our Windows blogs, go to blogs.windows.com or follow us on Twitter.

    To continue the conversation, talk with us on Twitter at @Surface, @Lumia, @MicrosoftBand, @HoloLens and @LumiaVoices.

    And stay tuned for some exciting news! #Windows10devices #Oct6

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