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Windows Forums provides a blog creation system to our members. This blog system can be used for:

  • Information Sharing
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  • Opinion Pieces
  • Independent Journalism
  • Presentations
  • Helping Others
  • Connecting with Others

Do not use the blog system to:

  • Post a technical support request
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Please note: As of August 9th, 2013, we have moved all blogs into our forum thread system. From now on, Blogs can simply be written and maintained in this forum. We believe this gives our members better options than the new Blog software that we had installed, and also allows them to have their messages better seen by and searched on by viewers.

The best blogs present ideas that readers want to know about. Consider the blog section a chance to give your ideas. The blogs can be useful to post a daily account of something of interest in your life. For most people coming to this site, it's going to be about computers, but it's not limited to that. You can create your own blog categories, and share with people ideas and concepts that would not normally fit into a forum entry.

You can use your blog to post tips, answers, and advice on common questions and about a particular subject. You can use your blog to vent or discuss all the things you dislike. You can use your blog to post ideas and information that are specific to you on a fundamentally personal level. This is something that makes a blog entry a much more powerful tool than a forum entry.

Look at your blog as a way to professionally present information. It is an indispensable resource that is at your immediate disposal.

  • To prevent abuse, you cannot create a blog, start a social group, or publish a photo album collection until you have at least ten posts on the forums.
  • Please refrain from using your blog to post technical questions, as these entries cannot be moved to a forum category and will be deleted by the forum team.
  • Because we want to accommodate everyone, members who create blog entries that violate our stated policies may have their account privileges revoked and entries removed.
I hope that you will take these ideas into consideration when crafting out your blog. Please look at your blog as your own personal web space on this service. By using it wisely and intelligently, you can capture the imagination of an audience or simply record your own important events.
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On Easter Sunday Digiarny software gave away winx-dvd-copy-pro and winx-hd-converter-deluxe to visitors to thier website at specified limited times. i went there at those times and obtained both programs with activation codes for each, on any reinstall, however, I was told that the promotion only covered the initial install, and that I would have to buy the software now. I would pay anybody but these people at this point for what i can do for free anyway with windows 7. they never provided any warning that the passwords would only be good for one install, sad.