Western Digital Scorpio - IS THIS GOOD?

Rotational Speed:
7,200 RPM (nominal)Buffer Size:16 MBAverage Latency:5.50 ms (nominal)Read Seek Time:12.0 msTrack-To-Track Seek Time:2.0 ms (average)Buffer To Host (Serial ATA):3 Gb/s (Max)Formatted Capacity:320,072 MBCapacity:320 GBInterface:SATA 3 Gb/s
Model #WD3200BEKT


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"Good" is very relative. It all depends on what you want out of your hard drive. Do you want speed? Do you want size? Do you want reliability? Do you want economical? All of these things need to be considered and factored into your decision.

Um.. I want it to be fast, but too fast wouldnt really matter cause i've only got 1GB Ram (upgrading to 2GB) and a 1.6GHz Dual-core. I think 320GB would be enough space and i obviously want it to be relaible. Thats about all


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what about cost - how much do you have to spend?

I always recommend Seagate
I have had far too many WD drives break on me that I do not use them anymore.

The only Seagate Drives that seem to have had problems in the past are the 1TB drives made in China
If they were made in Thailand, they were fine. All others have been fine to my knowledge.

You need a SATA 3 board,, but here ya go....

But,,, here is what you may actually want

External Hard Drive Help

Ive decided to get an external hard drive. I live on the Gold Coast and i need a good portable one (at least 320GB, no AC just USB) The smaller the better and preferably under $100 but $129 i can do.

thx Caius

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