What about an operating sysytem that manages operating systems ?

What about an operating sysytem that manages operating systems?

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You can control/ monitor one (or more) computers from a central one across a dot based network… the two best known ways are with vmware or hyper-v because these are complete systems but things like intel IPMI-view allow for easy internet access to a unRAID storage system.

Ipmi comes as a free download for people with compliant intel boards…

Vmware has more than one product depending on what level of control you want {i.e. systems or servers (perhaps running their own systems)}… vspear is their basic model for simple setups of single computers and still used on older networks.

Hyper-v is a very modern platform and handles everything from simple one-2-one interface up to clusters of servers… it’s still fairly new and currently comes both as an hidden extra in windows 8.1 pro or as a stand-alone server download from Microsoft… both are free.


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i have no problems with the current operating systems but What about an operating system that manages operating systems ?
Not sure I understand the question. What, exactly, would this super OS be managing? You can run multiple OSs concurrently on VMs. You can run software in OS emulators within a different OS. Are you talking about something where you have a "morphing" OS that natively acts like whatever OS a particular application wants to run in, and you have multiple "foreign" applications running concurrently and interacting with each other? Or accomplishing that by booting multiple OSs on the same machine and using a super-OS to manage it?