Windows 7 What browser are you using?

What browser are you using?

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Feb 7, 2008
Just wondering what browser you guys are using. Personally, I just switched from Firefox 3 to Safari 3.1.2 for windows. Opera is as fast as Firefox, and also provides a smaller RAM footprint, averaging about 24 MB for my usage, as opposed to 75 MB for firefox.
Firefox 3.0.1. I like it's extensions, and that really stops me from switching to say Opera or Chrome. Memory load could be better though, and it crashes more often than it should.

I tried chrome, but it seemed to cause BSODing on my PC. And no extensions, or even basic stuff like not displaying images. And there have already been 2 exploits for it.

Safari, nope, I'm not installing Apple software on my PC, thanks.

IE 8 is OK, but not as many extensions, has compatibility issues, and seems slow, compared to Firefox. But otherwise, it's fine.
IE7 is fine, at least in terms of safety. However, firefox is more flexible if you want extensions of themeing. IE8 looks good, but needs to get better performance, and not break so many sites, imo.
I found IE7 is pretty good, eventhough there are certain programs for work that I can't run unless I drop down to IE6, but I can get by.
I like the IE8 beta RC2. Web page compatibility can sometimes be a pain but a simple click of the 'compatibility button' and we're all fixed...:)
I'm using Firefox 3.0 and IE8 Beta... I tried out Opera, Chrome and Safari but I didn't really like any of them...

Here's my take on the different browsers:

Firefox:Fast and extremely safe and customizable.
Chrome:Extremely fast and safe, not so customizable
Opera:For me it was horrible, slow, not safe and handled horrible.
Internet Explorer: Okay speed, not safe, customizable, good for sites that are designed for it XD
Safari for Windows:Too damn grey. Not customizable, fast, safe.

I really hate browsers that don't have their own internet settings though...
I use Firefox btw. I think I'm using 3.1b2 right now. :)
I'm using Firefox 3.05. It's been working great for me since my fresh install of W7 yesterday. I'm very familiar with Firefox 2, so it just works natural for me. The first time I tried Firefox 3 when it first came out, it didn't work well, and I didn't like it, but now it's working fine.
I just downloaded FireFox 3.0 where I added MSN and Yahoo Tabs. Now I have 2 browsers on desktop and ready to flip the coin. Should I keep both? Windows Live is my mail carrier...
I keep both Firefox and IE8 on my desktop, as some things won't work with Firefox, but will work with IE. Downloads from Microsoft as an example. I'm now using Firefox as my main browser, and it's working out really good for me.
What web browser are you using with W7?

- Internet Explorer 8

- Mozolla Firefox

- Other

The Internet Explorer browser just seems a bit slower than Firefox, plus less intuitive.

I also noticed that it scrambles the look of fonts on some websites no matter the font size settings I use.

So it's Firefox again, just like I use in Vista.
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I use more than one.
and we all HAVE to use IE (if only to get updates).
So I use IE, FF, GChrome, Chromium, and so on.
How do I vote?
I was a big FF fan and just never used IE, thats until I installed Windows 7. Since installing over a week ago im now actually happier using IE8 than I ever was using FF.
I use more than one.
and we all HAVE to use IE (if only to get updates).
So I use IE, FF, GChrome, Chromium, and so on.
How do I vote?

"Other" might work, but your explanation helps too. ;)

My poll is basically meant to ask about web browsing in particular; I could have made that more clear I guess. As in, "What web browser to you use for browsing the web?" :D
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