What do you game on?

Your gaming platform of choice?

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What do you play your games on?

I play PS3, PSP, and games on my PC (Mainly Guitar Hero and games that were also released on PS2 like Max Payne on PC, everything else on PSP/PS3).


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On my laptop, Counter Strike 1.6. Don't own any consoles, though I would like an xBox 360 and PS3.

PC and Xbox360. Mainly PC though, Battlefield 2.

I usually play my wii or my ps2. I used to use my pc more, but it's so old and slow, that no decent games run well...

Haven't been gaming much lately. I sometimes play UT2004 on PC. Other than that I play Zelda on Wii and N64.

PS3 for racing and some adventure, horror stuff :razz:

shooters like CS and COD etc only on PC , can't beat using mouse and keyboard :p

PSP for boredom moments which seem to decrease as I age :rolleyes:

I game on pc, a measily Presario 750US notebook. Man, this thing is nothing but a portable webtv (remember those?). lol! don't get me wrong, its fast enough, but forget about good gaming without adding new hardware.

PC is definitely my favorite thing to game on, I truly believe it always has been the best machine to play games on and always will be.. (go keyboard and mouse!).. Also my trusty Xbox 360 gets the job done for certain types of games that either aren't out for PC or just aren't good on PC (and yes such things do exist)... ;)

PC for FPS/3PS and strategy, 360 for racing/pro evo.

pc exclusively

PC only, I don't own a console anymore. Last console I has was a PS2. I much prefer using a mouse/keybpard to any kind of controller. I just played Halo 2 on Xbox last weekend with a bunch of friends and I sucked so bad. I can't even use a controller, it's hard as hell look around with the little thumbpad thing.

PC... i dont own any consoles either.

I game mostly on the 360 but since it red ringed (has been shipped back to microsoft be back in 2 weeks hopefully) on me i game on my pc just waiting to actually get some games worth it for my pc though

..... =S so there are other gaming consoles than just pc´s!?!?!

lol jk, i am on pc only. Love the mouse keyboard combo. Nothing can beat that.

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