Windows 7 What happened to my folder????

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I was installing some hardware and trying to get 7 to recognize it. I opened my Devices and Printers folder, about 2 minutes after closing it, and the page was blank. The progress bar was moving across the address bar, it moved all the way to the right, and just sat there. I left the page open for 10 min., and nothing changed. I thought it had stopped responding, but the task manager said it was running ok. So what happened to it, and how do I fix it? Please don't tell me to reinstall, I just did that.,

Are you on again:)

I would do a system restore rollback before you added the hardware.

I'm assumming it's a printer?
Reghakr, I actually just wanted an excuse to talk to you again. lol First of all, I did try a restore, it didn't work. But 6 restarts later (power kept flickering, just enough to cause a restart). It was back.
I have gremlins in my pc, along with a quirky beta.