What happened to Network Repair???

When I could not connect to the internet on Windows XP or Vista I could right click on the Network icon on the taskbar next to the clock (that I had put there) and choose repair. 90 percent of the time it would fix the problem. Now I can't see where I can do that in Windows 7 and the "Diagnose and repair" is useless.
Can please you tell me how I can be able to use the repair function in Windows 7 or has Microsoft stupidly removed and replaced it with the Diagnose and repair?

I will boot up to windows after computer has been shut down and Windows Live mail nor Internet Explorer will be able to access the internet.
I can reboot the computer and it will work. This is identical (different computers have done this at home and at work) to what would happen with XP and sometimes Vista32. I would have to reboot the computer until I learned that I could right click on the Monitor looking icon on the taskbar next to the clock and pick Repair and it would state resetting IP address whatever. As stated this fixed 90 percent of this same type problem without the need to reboot. If it is the same it dosen't look the same and hasn't worked for me even once with Windows 7. I am running Windows 7 64 bit which works better than it did in Vista. BTW: it no longer says REPAIR but now just says DIAGNOSE. I never used DIAGNOSE (caps for clarity only) just the repair function.


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How about posting an attachment of a snipping tool capture of the Network and Sharing center while you are having a problem.

Try giving it more time for restart the network. You can click on any red X to start a trouble shooter.

My computer automatically detects IP address.
Also, I will attach a snippit but not sure it will help as it goes through the routine and always comes up with can't diagnose a problem and suggests some Microsoft hints to try or whatever.

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