Windows 7 What has gpne wrong? Beta OK, RC Not


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May 9, 2009
I had no problems installing the Beta on 2 systems. The RC installed just fine on 1 but has failed on 2 others. Why did the beta work but the RC not work on the same machines. Is this a case of MS fixing a system that worked till be breaks? till it breaks?:confused:
Hopefully you did a "clean" install, correct?

After activation, you should be presented with some updates.

Did you get these?
1. I used the same DVD on the machines.
2. I did a clean install.
3. I used the same machine the beta was installed on. After I could not install changed the HD to a new drive with nothing on it.
I changed to the AHCI mode and tried installation again and all seemed well but the system rebotedad started installation all over again. Next I removed the CD and rebooted. I got to the opening splash screen and system rebooted again.

Now a change is that I am trying to install the 64 bit system while the beta was 32. But I used a clean install. Also I may have changed the SATA inputs to the board to different slots when I put im my new HD.
Now I'm a little confused.

Did you have both 32-bit and 64-bit Os's running on your computer?

How is your hard drive partitioning setup?

Again, did you receive Windows Updates after activation?
I had 32 bit with the Beta. With the RC I tried to do a clean install of the 64 bit. I have not gotten to the activation screen yet with the 64bit installation that I am having problems with. The system reboots and starts installation over again then. I have burned 3 disks and the same thing happens with all of them.

I used Norton Ghost and copied my C drive from the working RC computer to the non-installed machine with my external HD. It seems to have worked as the RC is running and my software and data seem OK. Testing and time will tell.:)
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