What is a best free Windows 7 firewall, list please

What is a best free Windows 7 firewall, list please, and thanks, currently I am running rogers basic firewall

Windows already has an integrated firewall that is enabled by default. No need for any 3rd party tools.

That being said, if you still want a 3rd party app, disable the Windows Firewall service.

You can get the free version of ZoneAlarm if you register here:


thanks, I am using Rogers basic service at the moment, it has a firewall as well.

You didn't specify 32 or 64 bit. In 64 bit there is only a small selection. I use Comodo free and just install the firewall portion Free Download - The Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo I found Zone Alarm annoying to network and dropped it years ago.
I would definitely go with Joe S. recommendation. Commodo has an excellent free firewall or their free Internet Security Suite is very good too.

If you want just the firewall use it and the use the Microsoft Security Essentials for your AV software. It gets very good ratings at: AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software - Welcome to AV-Comparatives.org.

ZoneAlarm used to be an excellent program, but it has become somewhat unwieldy and a P.I.T.A. to use.

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