WHAT IS jucheck.exe ?

I keep getting a prompt that says this update is available, but... the Publisher is Unknown. :( If I TRUST a Publisher, i have no qualms with it...but, it's Unknown. It says is a java update.. if That helps. PLEASE HELP !!! I tried doing a screen shot, but... this this woulnd't allow me to paste it over, so you could see it.


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It is for JAVA. It goes out and checks for an update to JAVA,

is it safe though ? If it's a HP (I have a HP -G71 Laptop) or a Microsoft installed update... wouldn't their name be in the slot saying who the Publisher is ? I've been hesitant to run it, so... i just X it out when it pops up. How can i tell if it's SAFE ??? I just got this laptop..and, it ROCKS, so I DON'T wanna run amything or install Anything that will harm it !

Ohhh. Ok. Gotcha. THANKS !!

Have you ever heard of Sun Microsystems ? I went in and read the License Agreement, and that's whose name is on it.

you ROCK !

Thanks for the Help,

I keep getting a prompt that says this update is available, but... the Publisher is Unknown. :( If I TRUST a Publisher, i have no qualms with it...but, it's Unknown. It says is a java update.. if That helps. PLEASE HELP !!! I tried doing a screen shot, but... this this woulnd't allow me to paste it over, so you could see it.

jucheck.exe is produced by Sun, and checks for Java updates. It is a safe process that you don't have to worry about. :)

You may want to (temporarily) disable java updates if you don't want to see the prompt:

Control Panel > Java > Updates Tab

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But keep in mind it is a very good idea to keep java updated. :)


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Might be useful to know. You don't have to get the messages, and you may get a (slightly) faster response from Java sites, if you open the Java Control Panel and select the update option to never check for updates. You will get a severe warning regarding security problems. Whether to accept the advice is your own decision - it is not 100% important.
Also, if you wish, you can open Msconfig and look under the start up tab. There you will find an item "Java(TM) Paltform...etc" That is exactly the same thing. I have mine both unticked and periodically (once a month in my case) do a manual update.

You can also set the frequency to check for updates and set it up to inform you before downloading or before installing the updates.

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Jucheck in system32 file

I have read that if jucheck is in your system 32 file it is a Trojan. Is that true? I found it there on my system.

I use windows 7 home premium on a compaq laptop/ I get two jucheck.exe's trying to update my system. One is registered to Sun Micro - the other is publisher unknown? I suspect that the unknown is a trojan?

Re: Jucheck in system32 file

Just throwing it out there for the people that might be mislead by some of the answers here, I took the advice of the earlier posts and allowed it. About a second later my AVG ANTI-VIRUS came up and said that "JUCHECK.EXE" was a "Trojan virus" and that it had quarantined it for me. For those out there preparing to allow this file to make changes to your harddrive, BEWARE that there are at least two JUCHECK.EXE. If the publisher is unknown, then don't allow it! Only allow this program if it has correct verification from SUN MICRO or another Java program.

Hope it helps! :)

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Re: Jucheck in system32 file

I am having a similar problem.

"Jucheck.exe" is requesting access to my computer, from an unidentified publisher. I did nothing to prompt this and every time i hit "don't allow" it immediately returns asking for permission over and over again. There is obviously some corrupt file in my system which is trying to download this, and it is most likely a trojan.

The last time something like this happened I spent two days hassling with Trend Antivirus, as they kept giving my crappy removal software that just made everything worse somehow.

I'd rather not go through them again, so does anyone here have any suggestions as to how i might remove this?

Re: Jucheck in system32 file

Hello guys,

IMO, the best thing to do, is disable the automatic Java updates from within the Java Console, then disable it from starting with Windows from within "msconfig" and use "CCleaner" to remove the app from "msconfig"

Go to Java.com once a month and click on "Do I have Java", this will let you know if you're running the most current version and if not, you can then download and install it from there.
That's the safe way, and you won't be bothered with anymore prompts.

Hope this helps



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Re: Jucheck in system32 file

Good post from Adamsapple. It is what I do as a default on any installation. If Java is working for you, it is not neccessary to check for updates on a daily basis.

this sounds like a long time problem
CORRECT, anyone who got an "unkown publisher jucheck.exe" should be ware of fake jucheck.exe, if an anti-virus cannot pick up and terminate it, do as the manual removal guide of jucheck.exe here says. helps at some extent:razz:

Always use this program to know exactly what a particular process is doing in the background, remember that it's very easy for anyone to rename a virus to just about any other filename. Had to learn that the hard way :regular_smile:

Hello! This file is part of Java(TM) 2 Platform Standard Edition 5.0 Update. Jucheck.exe is developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc and is now owned by Oracle.

This is an old thread that pretty much covered the subject. Let me add two things.
  • Previous responders talked about malware posing as jucheck.exe. There are plenty of links about how to recognize the real one. If you decide to use it to keep Java current, I recommend using WinPatrol (http://www.winpatrol.com/). It is a great free utility that monitors programs that attempt to change your system. You can tell it to always allow the real jucheck and to always reject the fake one. If another fake one tries to run, you will get a warning and since you know it can't be the real one, you can tell WinPatrol to always ignore that. It cuts down on the "nagware" aspect of the almost daily requests to update.

  • Jucheck used to just update Java on the rare occasions when there was an actual update. That has changed. The update request is now almost daily and Java is not changing. Why the update requests? The update procedure has become malware, trying to push other software. You don't click once and get an update. You are forced to go through screen after screen of unrelated crap they want to put on your computer, like downloading from CNET. I did the jucheck update once all the way through, being careful to reject all of the crap, and finally got to a screen that said my Java was up-to-date. I don't know what happens if you set Java to automatically update--whether it just keeps Java current or loads your machine with garbage. The only reason I even bother with Java updates now is because of the recent security hole. I'm at the point where I'll probably just keep my eye out for security warnings and then manually update. They exhausted my patience.

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