What is the best image sharing host, list please?

What is the best image sharing host, list please?

How about this one?

Photo sharing services make sharing, organizing and storing digital photos convenient, safe, easy and most importantly fun. As a result, we snap picture after picture without giving a thought to the price of film, which means you've got hundreds of pictures to share with friends and family. This list will bring you one step closer to making a decision by spotlighting some of the top free photo sharing sites along with their premium services, prices, and features. You may not be familiar with all of them, but they do have something remarkable for everyone.

Free Image Sharing & Photo Albums Websites

1. Picasa Web Albums: are the online counterpart to Google's popular, Windows- and Linux-only desktop photo organization software, Picasa. Despite its late entry to the photo sharing game in mid-2006, Picasa Web Album's seamless integration with Picasa and Google accounts quickly gained the service a large following. A free account with Picasa Web Albums gives you 1GB of free storage space, and you can buy extra storage that's shared with your Gmail account for anywhere between $20/year for 10GB to $500/year for 400GB.

2. Flickr: Flickr was originally conceived in 2002 as a video game-screenshot sharing web site, but it quickly blossomed into a full-fledged photo sharing site with a bustling community. The now Yahoo-owned site offers free accounts with limitations placed on photo uploads and other features, while the $25/year Pro account promises unlimited uploads, storage, and sets. Flickr, like many of the others, also recently added video sharing to their repertoire.

3. Photobucket: Photobucket can be the best place on the planet for you to sock up all your photos and videos. Photobucket is one among the leading sites on the Internet for uploading, linking, sharing and finding photos, graphics and videos. Your Photobucket account can store thousands of photos and videos for free. They can be shared through email, mobile phone and IM. It is integrated with social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and Blogger. It has flexible uploading features and advanced mobile options.

4. Tinypic: Tinypic is a website that let you upload images and videos of your wish. You can tag them after uploading. You have a wide variety of options to resize your images in it. You can use the service to share your pics and videos in Orkut, Myspace, Ebay and message boards. You can also send them via email.

5. ImageShack: ImageShack is an image sharing website for people who don’t want fancy galleries. If you want a host to link your images to a forum or bulletin board quickly and for free, ImageShack will help you. It offer you a paid version at $68 a year which will give you more space but it is expensive than any other sites that will give you more options.

6. Pict: Pict is a free image hosting service that lets you upload and share your images with one click. You can upload images up to 3.5Mb, JPG/PNG/GIF formats supported, it has automatic image resizing, multiple uploading & much more.

7. Free Image Hosting: Free Image Hostin is a web hosting service running on several dedicated linux web servers. Their dedicated server bandwidth is available for this service at no charge to all visitors. Registration is not required, but creating an account lets you manage your uploads and use other extra features.

8. freephotosharing: If you want to store, organize and share your photos, Open Travel is a perfect place. Created by travel photographers, with ease of use and user-friendliness as our top priorities. We have given a lot of thought to how we would like to share our photos, so everyone can enjoy them and be impressed by their great look. Your photos will look better here. Moreover, you can just store, organize your photos and keep them private. So, take a look at the features and then signup, fast and easy.

9. Dumpt.com provides you with way more than just a whopping gigabyte of free image storage. If you become a member at no cost, you enjoy features such as unlimited public and private image folders, watermark free images, zip files, hotlink-able thumbnails, quick uploads of up to 10 images at a time through your browser, custom slideshows, and a comment and rating system. Your images are searchable and can easily be organized, and you can even share an account with friends. You can access your account from any computer.

10. Rockyou.com is all about providing widgets. RockYou widgets include photo slideshows
, glitter text and voicemail accessories that are simple to use and enable people to frequently refresh their online style. Through this site you will be able to create personalized slideshows including transitions, themes, backgrounds and music, also posting fun notes and glitter texts , to drive creativity and self-expression via text in the simplest and quickest way possible and more.

11. Thumbsnap: Simple Image Hosting & Photo Sharing

12. SharePiks.com: Sharing Pictures Was Never Easy Like This Before

13. imgur: simple image sharing website where you can share your pics in simple steps. You have an option to browse the image you want to upload. You can upload the images right after you take them. You can also view other popular image uploads from the gallery. You have options to manage the pictures that you have uploaded. It also have provisions that let you share your images via email or links.

14. ImageZ: The Most Progressive Imaging Club In the Aylesbury Vale

15. Fotki.com is superior service for sharing and printing your photos online. The easiest way to share photos with friends & family.

16. iimmgg: free image hosting and pictures sharing website. With this you can view how many people opened your pictures and galleries and to Keep your pictures organized on galleries. You can post images on blogs, forums, message boards etc.

17. Go2Album is free web album host which is often used together with Ultraslideshow Flash Gallery Maker, which is an easy-to-use and powerful flash slideshow maker and creator. Through this software, the users can build their own flash slideshow and flash movie with just a few clicks.

18. Shutterfly is the number one online photo service. Once you become a member of Shutterfly there are many services that become available. For instance uploading pictures and ordering prints that are mailed to your door or picked up at local Target locations. Pictures can be edited and printed on many different surfaces including posters, canvas, collages, coffee mugs, and even clothing. Shutterfly also offers an online digital archive that can store unlimited pictures.

19. MyPhotoAlbum Inc. is a photo and video sharing service offering the most extensive features for creating highly-unique, personalized online photo albums and photo keepsakes.

20. Pixa: free flash and image hosting service that let you upload your images. It offers various filtering, cropping, resizing and layout options. Registered users can upload about 100 images at once, create thumbnails, share pictures with friends, resize images or thumbnails or create forums, blogs, message boards or your own albums.

21. SnapFish is brought to you by HP and, provides unlimited photo storage and photo prints with the ability to receive prints by mail or in-store pickup.

22. SeeHere lets you upload and share images in jpg, gif and png format only. Their upload client makes it quick and easy to upload multiple files at once to create web albums.

23. Photo Works is brought to you by American Greetings and lets you share photos and create photo books, calendars, cards and gifts. You can upload photos directly to the site or import your photos from Webshots or Flickr (both mentioned above).

24. Kodak Gallery is a great place to not only share but print out photos and, they’ve decided to implement even more with their new beta version.

25. Animoto has three types of accounts: basic – which is free; all-access pass for $30.00/year; professional for $249.00/year. Animoto lets you share your photos in a unique way by taking them and turning them into amazing videos.

26. Webshots offers photo sharing, free wallpaper and free screensavers. You can choose from a free account or a premium account at $19.99/year.

27. My Photo Album provides unlimited storage for your photos and videos as well as prints and gifts. Their site is free to use, you’ll just need to pay for any type of prints or gift items.

28. Photo.net is a true community for photographers. You can choose from a free account or subscribe for $25/year or $68/3 years.

29. Tripntale is a place where you can showcase where you have travelled. Create your travel profile by simply uploading photos, journals or videos of places.

30. OVERPIC.net - Free image hosting. Simply browse, select and upload

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Do any of these allow return downloads?

Do any of these sharing sites allow the owner to download the pictures back to their harddrives in the event of a data loss on the computer? In other words, can any of them be used as online backup in addition to picture sharing?

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