What is the problem with enabling or disabling Secure Boot?


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My mind is blank, and frankly I don't know where else to ask this.
The only thing I want is the ability to enable/disable secure boot. As of now, I have already spent about ten hours scouring the Internet for solutions. It doesn't work. No BIOS GUI even looks like mine. So I come to you for help.
Attached are two pictures:
1. The screenshot (I hope) shows that I have no option to change or enforce Secure Boot.
2. My BIOS main menu.
Any ideas on what I should do would be greatly appreciated - I need to lie down now...


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There are no screenshots included in this post. Secure boot is feature to ensure only signed software is allowed to boot. The most likely reasons secure boot is not available are the system is configured for legacy (MBR) boot. The system board must support UEFI and be enabled to boot as such. If your system is configured as such you can not simply change it as the OS will be configured to boot legacy. You will need to enable UEFI boot and re-install the operating system.