What is Win7 doing with 350megs to run?

General Question - I think I've tweaked the system about as far as I can know how to do right now - disabled Aero - done other things using Black Vipers tweaks and configurations and still at startup Win7 is running 350 megs. I like Win7 and memory is sort of a problem as I only have 1gig - but it runs OK as I am not a big multi-tasker. I play only one game - EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 as there is 161 games in a season and it never ends - so you cannot look at the internet while you play - just one task at a time.

XP though would sit at 89 megs - so what is Win7 doing it needs that much memory for? My user experience for the computer is 2.4 based on the Aero theme - but for business graphics and gaming it is 3.2.

System old but works OK

AMD 64 - 3200+ Athlon 2.0 Ghz
1 gig memory
319 meg available graphic memory - 128 meg dedicated

Disk rating is 5.9

Any thoughts of getting the memory down?


Following up to myself. I opened up Task Manager and found a new tab that XP didn't have so I can see what memory is doing. 130 megs is reserved by the Hardware - which is the IGP - ATi Radeon Xpress 200 - and only 220 megs is being used by the system - with 680 megs free.

So still not 89 megs - but Win 7 is nice - reminds me of a tweaked version of 2000 - so getting below the 220 megs would seem to be the goal.


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