What Media Player???

What Media Player..

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Hi all,

Started this thread to know what media player works fine other than WMP. I personally use Zoom player for all audio and video. For some reason, when I install it, even my WMP hangs when playin any audio or video. Lately found out thou.
But the same works fine in my desktop.

So, now removed Zoom and WMP plays the file with ease. Dunno wats the reason.

So flow out your suggestions and vote for the best.. lets c which wins.

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Where's iTunes?

I use winamp for mp3/flac/ogg files and vlc for all video files but lately I´ve been playing around with wmp12 and if you dont mind it updating your library on every start its kinda ok or even maybe good. All things together I still get a smile on my face from win7 - what a plessent surprise.


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Ok, I left iTunes and Winamp, my bad. Let me know how to add it to the polls. BTW, VLC rules as of now..let it keep going.

I use WMP 11 + 12. 11 for vista and 12 for 7. It runs great. Better on 7. I love it and i use all for all my needs. If i need 3gp i use quicktime or another program but let me say that stuff like quicktime runs extremly slow. WMP loads nearly instantly. Best media player yet :D

i use itunes.. just love the interface..


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I personally now moved to GOMPlayer..seems to be gud..wit CCP pack.


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GOM Player for videos, fast, stable, plays almost everything. For music I use WMP12...

I use VLC and WMP but you can only pick 1


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Your poll didn't specify what use. I use WMP to listen to CDs and to listen to the radio over the internet. I use DVD X to watch movies.

VLC for all video needs and Winamp for all music needs.. :)

it seems WMP and VLC leads..but how do these fair when coming to playing mkv files like HDRip or BRRip??

Potplayer is a great choice... I love it
all files support


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I use WMP for video and Winamp for music. I get around the DRM by blocking outbound communication with my firewall. WMP 12 seems to have the codecs I need to watch .avi files.

I can't get VLC to work right. It locks up. It might be something I did. I don't know. I'm ok with WMP.


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Media Player Classic lub lub

VLC all the way! Best media player going, put it on the wife's mac to!


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I use Foobar for mp3 playback... I just like the interface and usually end up using WMP as the new layout in Win 7 is superb.

I have also used vlc, km player, itunes, wmp classic.... lol I like to fiddle with things.... so no one choice I am afraid

iTunes for music (have an iPod, plus the interface is just nice)
It was MPC for videos, but that was because WMP couldn't handle the codecs from CCCP properly. It does on Win7 though (weird) Still doesn't handle .ass scripts properly too.

COWON Media Center/Jet Audio - latest version.. I love this all in one player plus I can use the "Let others see what I'm listening to" feature in WL messenger with it..

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