What on earth does this error-message mean?


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Hi Folks,

What on earth does this error-message mean?
I get it, once a week or so, during a cold boot.

Operation has failed.
Backup validadtion Task execution failed.
Description: Stage DescriptionSee
Operation log for details

I have no idea what an Operation Log is... or where it is



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It sounds like you have a Task set up to Backup up your system and this message is related to it.

As far as the operations log, you might check the Event Viewer to see if anything mentions the message there. (Eventvwr.msc)

Look in the Summary of Administrative Events to see what errors or warnings, or perhaps even notifications. You can expand them to see the individual entries and double click them to get specifics.

If you have some type of third party backup software, it will probably have its own log.


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That would be a sledgehammer approach to the problem. Acronis is a superb program. Just open Msconfig - Startup tab, and untick the items relating to Acronis. You could also check in the program itself, to see if you have it set for schedules backups. Fwiw. If you follow the built in instructions to burn an autoboot cd, there is no need to have Acronis taking space on your hard drive whatsoever

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