What pets do you have ?


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Nov 3, 2009
Do you guys have any pets, If so what are they and their names. Interesting to read what my friends from around the world have :)

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Well i have a Siberian Tiger:)

Well I can start this off!

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This is my Rachele's iguana "Kiwi".

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Some dog owned by someone in my family.

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This is my cat, named Lucky.

My grandparents also have one of my cats I gave away who looks like Garfield. Its difficult to raise dogs in this area, but I love all animals/

That is one cool iguana. Yeah i love animals as well Mike .

He's no longer with us but this is my old cat 'Charlie'..

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I rescued him when he was a tiny kitten. The family of cats he belonged to were feral and due to be destroyed. Full of character and very loving I'll miss this little guy always...

Just happens to be my middle name Ross Charles actually but charlie`s close enough. He looks healthy in these pics :)

If fish is considered pet, then yes, I do have pets: a red fish and blue fish :D


I have a Bombay black cat. She is great but, she really likes the computer sometimes too much. She is still the bests fried I have fr sure.

I've got two male budgies, one's named Fezziwig (from "A Christmas Carol") and the other one... Well I haven't named him yet, I figure I've got the rest of his life to figure that out. Maybe "Hedwig" because he's white with black accents. I'd like to put more time in to hand taming them but it's such a hard process :black_eyed:
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I've also got three angel fish, which are about 4 inches tall each. It was impossible to get a group shot of them. The others have darker shades.
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And this is my family's cat, Dale (we didn't pick the name, got him second hand). He's fat and acts as if he's losing his mind.:tickled_pink:
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Big pet family!!! Must keep you busy? I had a pet Canadian Goose once. What a character. Just loved breakfast and diner hand feed!!! And like the good caring guy I am, I fell for all of it hook, line, and sinker.

The cat does it's own thing/it's not technically mine so I don't look after it. The fish just need fed three times a day. I will admit the birds do not get the attention they deserve, but I'm working on it.

You actually had a Canadian Goose?

I sure did and it was the most fun I have ever had in this life. He would fly away but, he always came back. Go figure? A friend for life, and I sure do miss him. I got the Bombay cat cause they are so friendly, and very active. I thought about a Parrot but, they do bite hard sometimes, and I am not very quick anymore. They are somethings I am addicted too! They include computers, pets, and music.

LOL that sounds like great fun. Here in Canada they're generally seen as a nuisance bird flying in big flocks and s******* all over the place. They're a beautiful animal none-the-less. Then there's that US Airways flight that lost thrust after takeoff because it ingested a whole flock of them and ditched in the Hudson... I guess what I'm trying to say here is that's not an animal I'd ever picture someone having as a pet, then again I have a friend who raised a racoon after she found its mother squished all over the road... It's full grown now and they're keeping it forever.

Cool nonetheless! :)

Yeah Canadian Geese can be messy but, they are fiercely loyal and friendly. Thats what makes them fun.

Where I live in De. we have several retaining ponds where the Canadian Geese come in during the day. If there are no babies around, these guys are quite friendly. I got some corn kernels yesterday, which they really enjoyed. My neighbor is very in to snakes (I am learning), he just picks them and treats them just like pets. Though I am learning, I must admit most any snake is still a little intimidating. We don't seem to have any of the poisonous kinds in my area but, De. does have copperheads. And I surely am not interested in getting close to one of those puppies.

We also have tons of Snow Geese. They seem to be somewhat less friendly but, they are beautiful to look at. We also have something similar to a small wild tiger (forget what they are called) but, they run around 60 lbs. They do seem to get very close to people, and generally run and hide if the situation warrants.

The really nasty birds that we have are Turkey Buzzards. Afraid of almost nothing, and can attack at any time. Man are they big looking fellows. Again nothing I want to get up close to.

Could the animal be a cougar or bobcat?

I seen some huge snakes at the reptile exhibit when I was at the Bronx Zoo in NYC.

I would not mind one. But, I my neighbor who is more experienced than I am; to make the call on it. But, like any pet these days it would be expensive to keep. They require dead mice among other things for food. And to my knowledge you can't let them run free, unless you are watching them. And to say the least they can squeeze hard too.