what strange thing happened to you today


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i was in the local library with my 2 young kids today as i was sitting watching them i noticed this middle aged guy sitting with his back turned to me at 1 of the public pc's looking at small pictures of women in bikinis thought nothing of it at first but i i turned to look a second time i saw a completley nacked women on the screen now normally this wouldnt bother me but the fact that my kids were there and another woman with slightley older kids also in the kids area so i approached this man and said with a raised voise "do you mind not looking at porn in here my childeren are right behind you" the bloke jumped a mile and most of the library was lookin my way my wife half way accross the room heard me and told a librarien she just warned him on the pc screen soon after he got up to leave so i followed him saying your disgusting go on get out disgrasefull so the bloke turned and started appologizing saying he was just learning to use a pc i replyed you dont learn to use a pc looking at porn on wikipedia in a public place where there are children playing so he said i was looking for glamour models and i didnt know their were any children near i said its not the point your in a public place kids or no kids you just dont do that but he didnt seem to be able to grasp that concept anyway as we carried on i started getting annoyed at him i think the librarien noticed at this point and came over and basically said the same as me its wrong what he did eventually the bloke left and the librarien thought it was rather funny and i couldnt help but smile eather

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