What System Security Do You Use On Your Windows/Mac/Linux?


Hello Everyone.
My security goes like this: Bitdefender Total Security+Voodoo-Shield+Simple Windows Hardening.
Second opinion malware scanners: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool+Norton Power Eraser+Emsisoft Emergency Kit+Malwarebytes Free+HitmanPro(paid) & Eset Online Scanner.
How do you secure your system?:)
Adblocker: Adguard(sytem wide)


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All my home systems have EPP software, a firewall, a web shield, regular patching, software updates and have FDE on them. Any critical data is backed up to the cloud. I also run a perimeter firewall/UTM appliance.

carsten ibsen

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Bitdefender Total Security, Voodooshield Free & Adguard Desktop.
Second Opinion Scanners: Sophos Virus Removal Tool, HitmanPro, Norton Power Eraser & Emsisoft Emergency Kit.:rolleyes: