what the hell is going on?????????

what the hell is going on i did have (for a short time) windows 7 ult & windows XP Pro on my computer
That started to play up so i reinstalled windows 7 on a clean fresh drive on its own everythin was hunky doory.... got a good copy of ubuntu 9.10 from the origanal website stuck it on a disc installed it inside windows.... great everythins goin well THEN FLICKER FLICKER FLICKER constant when ubuntu loads up i cant even see anythin or do anythin but tyurn the computer off....windows is fine tho....i have a nvidia geforce fx 5700le (can i take out the nvidia use my onboard graphics , maybe get the settings or drivers for the nvidia then put it back in?????) will this work

This is a generally a windows 7 forum. I am sure ubuntu forum will help you out if you post it there.
Although i would tell you, installing ubuntu through wubi, is not that great (through windows). You cant hibernate neither can you write to disk at a much faster rate. I know they will recommend that you install ubuntu on seprate partition with / mount and SWAP.

Try accessing the command version of ubuntu, before it loads up. Then update it using sudo commands. i beleive they are;
sudo apt-update
sudo apt-install

You might wanna check up the commands before though. And also check up how to load command only ubuntu. I know somehow you can, accessing root without loading the GUI.

As i said before, i dont think many people will be able to help you out. I am sure you will find lot more information on the ubuntu forums or their IRC channel.


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Kaiser is right about using wubi. It is best to create an ext3 partition as well as a swap partition and install Ubuntu there.
You will then have a dual boot computer.
Here is a link to the Ubuntu forums.

Ubuntu Forums

If you want help while installing ubuntu without partition, i can give you some guidelines.

thanks alot yeah would love some help thanks
good to see this forum back on lol

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