Windows 7 What the taskbar should be...


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This is what the taskbar should be.... Keep everything the same but add just one feature and it will be perfect.

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Some people won't like it, but i believe that a lot will. I do hope that they would have an option to let people use it or not.
Same here i hope they never implement it. Words on the taskbar was just never appealing to me. I know what all the icons mean and everything. Whats the point of the words then.
I know its not the intent of the video but I would rather have that rotating desktop feature similar to Ubuntu's.
I know what the icons mean to but when you have multiple windows for a application it would be easier to see what is what when it would show you what it is after you hover over it. Then when you choose something then it will go back to the clean tight new taskbar.... cleans the mess...
The taskbar is not a mess at all. Actually they removed the words because it made the taskbar cluttered. The title of the window can be seen at the top of the preview window.
The preview takes about a second to see. It would be better if they had something to where it labels it instantly. It will take less time to see what is going on and would use less resources than the previews. Its only an idea, and I thought it was a good one that I liked....
I don't like the way it shuffles around the icons. Having them pinned to a certain place works well for me.
I have to agree with the hating it.. I really hope Microsoft doesn't decide to add that.. I like the new taskbar and think it's design is perfect the way it is now.. If you really want those kind of features in it than I'd suggest going back to Vista or XP... ;) or go to Ubuntu if you want that 3D Cube effect..
But without the words how can you know when someone is chatting with you in gmail when you don't have the window up?

Insanity I tell you.

I do agree with the video though. I have grouping turned off right now anyways.