what will i be able to upgrade?

im going to be buying w7 upgrade disc.what im needing to know is what ill be able to upgrade on my pc after i install w7 from the rc disc? i already bought a neww hd .but ill probably like to buy a new cpu .i have a gigabyte p35 board w/ a pentium d 925 3.0 cpu .id like to get a 3.33 1333 c2duo but that would be after i get the new w7 .also more ram now i have 4gb pc 8500 . ill be using the machine as a home media center rig

Hello and Welcome to the forum.. :)

I'm a little confused here as you mention the upgrade disc and then the RC "disk"..

If your going to be purchasing the Upgrade disc and installing Windows 7 from it then you can upgrade whatever component you would like on your PC.. If you replace something like the CPU (for example) then you will have reinstall Windows 7 afterwards of course..

The Upgrade media allows you to reinstall as many times as you'd like but you can only activate the serial number on one computer.. ;) This doesn't mean that if you swap out your Motherboard and or CPU that it's no good anymore, it just means you can't have the same serial number activated on two (or more) computers at once.. ;)

Hopefully this answers your question, if not please let me know and I'll try again.. :)

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