What wireless card are you using on windows 7 64 bit?

Hey everyone,

I started this post to get a list of wireless cards that actually work on windows 7 64 bit OS. Please only post your card if it works with no problems on window 7 64 bit only! :-bd

Also if you can mention whether your using an OEM driver or third party driver would be awesome!

To start I was using an Rosewill RNX N2X for a while now, but it recently gave out. I should have just replaced it with the same wireless card, but I made the mistake of trying something new (*cough D-Link*).

The Rosewill RNX N2X is USB operated and supports wireless N... works with win7 drivers.


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You know you could just get a list from microsoft (technet) for compatible wifi cards

Let us know if you need help with obtaining that



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Hello and welcome to the forums.
As JMH has pointed out your best resource is probably going to be the Hardware portion of the Compatibility Center here
Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads
select the hardware tab, then the network icon then wireless network cards you can display as many as 50 to a page and sort them alphabetically if you are looking for a favorite manufacturer. It will display 32 as well as 64 bit compatability information and information as to whether additional software or updates are required to make it work.
And even armed with what appears to be good information you may still have issues with any device you choose, as your computer's existing hardware and software configuration is unique and as a result may produce some unexpected and unforseeable results which may require you to contact the manufacturer or even microsoft for additional help.
We stand ready to assist you with specifics regarding a particular piece of hardware to the extent that we can, but generally people ( I know I am) are reluctant to make specific recommendation because what worked for them (if they can even remember how they got it to work) may not work for you.
Good luck and best wishes

Hey there,

I did reference that site when purchasing my wireless card and no longer find it creditable since the wireless adapter I purchased didn't work. I've contacted D-link support and they also couldn't get my wireless adapter to work. I was using a dlink 655 extreme router and I purchased the corresponding wireless card, a dwa 552 and it doesn't work on windows 7 64 bit systems.

Yet Microsofts website that I referenced and you referenced says it does
Dlink dwa 552 (link)

As well as my wireless card, I've also noticed that many other wireless adapters on their are also not compatible with windows 7 64 bit according to many other consumer reviews.

That is why I started this thread. I was hoping that someone could reference one of the suggested wireless cards and not have to deal with the hassle of returning one that doesn't work.

Does this posting thing work?

SOrry about the above message.... I wrote some big message and it didn't save so I was pissed and decided to test it.

Anyways... I had looked at the referenced link before and Microsofts website says that the wireless adapter I purchased is compatible with windows 7 64 bit. After reading countless threads and talking to the dlink support I couldn't get the wireless card I purchased to work. I read of a third party driver hack that might work, but it also required that I put a different firmware OS on my router and I wasn't willing to do that in order to make a dumb wireless card work.
Here is mircrosofts link DWA 552

I'm saying that I just waisted $60 dollars on a wireless adapter that doesn't work because microsoft says it is compatible. If compatible means that it turns on and connects to a wireless network then yes it is compatible, but if it means that it connects and drops out ever 2 minutes or freezes for 10 minutes at a time then NO IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE!

Yes I contacted D-link and followed an IT tech and did everything they said, but it still did not work. After that I finally decided to see if anyone else was having problems with this setup and tons of others are. SO why does Microsoft still say its compatible? hell if I know!

My point is I would like a thread that someone could reference to pick a wireless card that works for sure! I also asked users to post which drivers they are using encase they used some third party driver setup.


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I assume that you read the note on the compatability page that reference the link to the driver update for that particular card as well as D-Link has firmware updates for the router
655 Xtreme 1.34 5-20-2010 or
655 Xtreme Rev B 2.00 9-16-2010
depending on which you have

Yep I updated my router, which is the 655 with the recommended firmware, and also downloaded the correct drivers from dlink for the dwa 552 wireless card.

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