What's causing heavy disk activity on USB drive?

Running 64-bit version. I'm not sure if this was happening before, but today I noticed that when the system is in its monitor off mode (I have it set to go after 20 minutes of non-use) the activity light on my USB drive will be blinking like crazy. Moments after I move the mouse to get back into working mode it will stop. Didn't do this with XP Pro. Ideas?


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could be a background task like defrag or av scanning that using away mode to do its stuff.

I checked the configuration of that stuff, even turned off AV. I don't think it's that. I'm wondering if it's because I added that disc to WMP12 (it does contain a lot of media and I added it to the Library).

is the usb being used at readyboost? there for readyboost might be caching when pc is at idle.

No, I checked that too. I can't figure out what's making this happen. Just to see for sure I booted back into Win XP Pro (I swapped boot disks in BIOS) and sure enough when the system went into monitor off idle state the USB drive just sat there. No disk activity.

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