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Saw this today and thought .... hmmmm.


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Right Mike. What goes around, comes around, as they say. We can all remember those days of pure Dos, when we struggled with commands and keyboard shortcuts. I, and many otheres, were so thankful when the mouse + GUIs came along, and we were able to point and click. Now, one can see on many threads and forums, regarding Windows 8, the frantic intensity to describe all the ways one can operate with shortcut keys. - Almost seems the Gui has gone into a dream sequence which never really existed, lol.
Not sure who Mike is, but thanks.
Your observation regarding the GUI is spot on. Seems like using the OS is nothing but one giant work around. Easy enough for those of us with experience but somewhat daunting for someone already technically challenged. I don't have to think very long or very hard to call up a fairly large number of people among my own small number of friends, family and associates.
As 98 was followed by Millennium Edition and XP was followed by Vista, so goes Windows 7.
Oh well, as has been the case before, I don't suppose you actually have to like something in order to repair it or help people resolve problems.
Randy (Not Mike)