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I have my new Vista laptop with Windows 7 (32-bit) on a seperate partition. Just bought 2 new external 1 Terrabyte drives (USB 2.0) for backups, etc. One is going on my Mac G5 and one is for my laptop. I'm normally a Mac user so I'm not sure about this Windows backup stuff. If I want to backup my laptop should I do it in Vista or 7? Do I need to do each OS seperately? I want to be able to restore painlessly. I formatted it as NTFS (came with Fat32). Whats the best backup solution?


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I recommend using a 3rd party imaging app. and installing it on Vista.

Make separate backup images of each o/s partition.

The app. can be scheduled to do that.

If you only want to backup partitions , the free version of Macrium Reflect is excellent.

If you want to do file and folder backups separately, and have the other functions, incremental, differential, include and exclude options - you would need the paid version. Try the free version first and see if you are happy with it - it may be all you need.

Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download

Paragon make some terrific backup apps. - they often include other hard disk management functions as well.

They are having a great sale just now:

Paragon Software Sale

The Macrium and Paragon products work perfectly on 7 x64

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The backup that comes with Windows Server 2008 is great. It wil actually lock basic drives and perform the backups fully automated of everything you want. In Windows 7 it is similar but it wont lock any drives down on you... I believe it to be less efficient. Acronis Home is the best for home systems from what I've seen, but the problem is... no support for over 2TB if you are using large drives, GPT, or RAID... this includes every backup software I have found... so if anyone knows of one that could backup potentially a 6TB drive let me know.. Windows Backup will not let you go over 2TB.


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backup software


I looked at backup software last year and after trying some found the Backup4all was the best for me. worked well with Vista and just as well under W7.
it is not free but has several version starting from lite at ~$20.

link is
Backup Software - Backup4all - Data Backup Software

good luck.


If you want to be able to go back to the state that your PC is in now, you can make an exact copy of your entire hard disk. Use a tool like Norton Ghost (Not freeware) or something similar. In Windows Vista a tool is included in some of the versions.

If you decide that W7 is not for you, put back the image and your PC will work exactly as it is doing now. And, you dont have to install the applications again.

Normal backup methods only include files like the ones in the "My Documents" folder. But an image makes a copy of everything on your hard disk, including applications.


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Heh, good backup software for shadow backup is usually expensive. But as you have two partitions, I can advice you this cheap enough backup solution. Install it on Vista and backup your W7 partition, and vice versa.

I use the Macrium reflect for a once a week full backup to a separate internal HD, and I also have the W7 backup (this is included in Pro and Ultimate Versions) scheduled to do a full backup daily to a different internal hard drive.
The only problem with Macrium is if you ever have to put the partition Image (in my case a singe HD) on to another drive it must be a drive of the same size or larger.


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I Acronis and have been for years. You can do images and it works with 7 .wim' images. Will also do incremental and options to restore certain folders. Theres also universal restore where it will place image on a completely different system. Who can beat that?
Only ever had 1 problem and that was with MS dynamic disks but thats been cured for about a year.


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Should add, also, that image programs often give you the option to build an autoboot CD. I use Acronis - it allows that. The question of where to install it does not then arise.

Macrium does this also, so doe W7 pro and above It allows for the creation of a Repair Disc

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