What's up with the generic replies on the official Windows help forums

Discussion in 'The Water Cooler' started by adawe, Jun 12, 2013.

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    What's up with the generic replies on the official Windows help forums (Home - Microsoft Community) by supposedly, dedicated community members?

    How do you install additional voices for narrator in windows 7? - Microsoft Community
    For example in that post, the posters asking a specific question regarding Microsoft narrators ability to have custom voices. The first answer simply post a very generic introduction to what Microsoft narrator is, and doesn't even remotely address the posters concern.

    I have seen quite a few of these answers from supposedly "community stars" and "Microsoft MVPs". These answers are all very generic look like they were copy and paste and fails to even remotely address the original question being asked.

    So what's really going on here? Are these people just trying to answer a ton of questions as quickly as possible in hopes of some of them garnishing them some "thumbs up "so that they can increase their reputation perhaps to put on their resume when applying for jobs in the IT field?
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    You see those kinds of replies all the time...I just try and ignore them and if I do have an actual answer to solve their particular issue I will reply with said answer. Otherwise I just move on to other posts.
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    Well, I certainly have not done so, and I do not use their forums. That being said, I'm not sure why they are doing that. We do not make use of such replies. After looking at the poster's other messages, it looks like he is genuinely trying to help people, but making heavy use of Microsoft Knowledgebase and TechNet answers. That may be the sort of thing they reward on that forum.

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