when any Screen maximized i cannot seen bottom of the window

I cannot seen the bottom of the screen or window(full window or bottom tab) when it is maximized. I am facing this problem since two days,earlier it ok( i use to see full window when it is maximized).
can some one solve this problem.



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Hellow and welcome to the forum.
Is this only a browser window we are talking about here or does it involve all applications?
If you open up notepad or word do you experience the same issue?
Is it unique to a single browser? Looks like you are using Chrome. Does the same thing happen when you use Internet Explorer?

It happening with all application(word,pdf...everything in my system)


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Can you adjust the windows then close and reopen to get it to fit?

What happens if you position your mouse to get a double arrow at the top or bottom and double click?

I cannot seen the bottom of window when it is maximized.When i click on the top or bottom it maximizes or minimize the window


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IF this only happened a couple days ago, have you thought about perhaps doing a system restore to a restore point prior to that event?

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