When closing some programs the window do not disappear

I have 4 PCs running W7 Home Premium 32 bit all with the same annoying problem. Very often when I close Windows Live Mail 2011, Microsoft Security Essentials or Word Pad the corresponding process is killed but the window will not disappear before I click the Desktop Ikon. It only happens with those 3 programs. The 4 PCs are 1 Sony Vaio Laptop, 1 ThinkPad T60 and 2 ASUS Desktop PCs.
It have been the same alle the time (for more than 1 year). Everything is 100% updated. W7s are OEM Versions. The Log do not show any problems referring to this issue.


Senior Member
I have had the same problem with MSE, but also another program, but that was last week and I don't remember which program it was. When this happens I have to restart to get it off the screen. I have all my icons lined up in two rows down the center of the screen, and these windows cover them completely. So I have to get it off the screen, or use the Start button to do anything.

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