When I close my notebook , the monitor going off

Sorry for my bad english but I'm Italian :)

I have a problem with my PC, ASUS f3ja-ap016p.
With XP and UBUNTU 9.10 NO PROBLEM, but with WINDOWS7 when i close the laptop , the monitor going off and there isnt a way to return in DESKTOP.
I have modified options in User Pannel, but nothing..
I have installed driver for 7 and new driver of ACPI. Can anyone help me? :confused:


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You are among the many experiencing the sleep / resume awake problem including myself. Disable the sleep mode which is what I did. I suggest you search the Hardware forum with a search argument of sleep black screen. I think the problem is a video driver and Win 7. I'm sure the problem will be resolved in time.

I have uninstalled video's driver and the PC work successfully.
So the problem is video driver of Ati Mobility Radeon X1600.. :S
I have sended a email to ati support.. :rolleyes:

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