When I open Windows 7 Task Scheduler this is the errors that I get.

Task Image is Corrupt or Has Been Tampered With.​
It Happens wilth all these tasks.​
Task Proxy:
Task Scheduled Defrag:
Task Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticResolver:
Task Microsoft-Windows-DiskDiagnosticDataCollector
Task WinSat:
Task UpdateRecordPath:
Task SqlLiteRecoveryTask:
Task ReindexSearchRoot:
Task RegisterSearch:
Task RecordingRestart:
Task PvrSchedule Task:
Task PvrRecovery Task:
Task PeriodicScanRetry:
Task PBDADisoveryW2:
Task PBDADisoveryW1:
Task PBDADisovery:
Task OcurDiscovery:
Task OcurActivate:
Task ObjectStoreRecovery Task:
Task MediaCenterRecovery Task:
Task mcupdate:
Task InstallPlayReady:
Task ehDRMInit:
Task DispatchRecover Tasks:
Task ConfigureInternetTimeService:
Task ActivateWindowsSearch:
Task HotStart:
Task Logon Synchronization:
Task Background Synchyronization:
Task SystemDataProviders:
Task SessionAgent:
Task GadgetManager:
Task AutoWake:
Task ValidationTaskDeadLine:
Task ValidationTask:
Task Config Notification:

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