When I press NEXT PAGE it goes to wrong page!

I have this problem on all web pages!

When I click to go to the next page on a web site it takes me to the sites home page instead and in order to get to the correct next page I have to backspace and click NEXT again. Once I do this it work fine but it is so very annoying.

Any help appreciated,
Thanks Ed


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I will assume you are using IE 8.. Where are you clicking to go to next page, and do you have a page reference?

Yes usesing IE. 8 and it happens on all web pages when I click NEXT to go to page two etc. it brings me back to the web sites home page then I hit the back page arrow on IE and click NEXT again and then it work for each page ok.

Thanks for your reply.


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I am having a problem determining where you are clicking Next.... Do you mean forward, do you have a website reference that has a next button?

Maybe if you use the snipping tool to take a picture then post, I can understand.

EX. When I go to, lets say Wal Mart.com and I am looking for a desk and when I click next to see more desk it brings me to Wal Mart home page instead of page two of more desk.

Now I have to backup to go back to page 1 of the list of desks before it works correctly.

As I said this happens on all web site not just Wal Mart.


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If I hold the mouse over "next:", on the bottom left of the window I get a url listed being selected. Mine shows the following, but I have put an extra spaces to keep it from showing like a link, but as you see the first part is still showing as a link, so look at the end.

http://www.walmart.com/browse /_/N-1z0hqg2Z57io?tab_value=Online&search_sort=5&catNavId=97116&depts=&ref=243024+4293925922&ic=48_96

If your does not show this, what does it show. It may be involved with some type of activeX or Java or some other web page function.

I think it is ok now!

Thanks Much,


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