When Minimize Windows they pop back open again

I am having issues minimizing my iTunes window and my OutLook window. The issue is not affecting any windows within those apps EXCEPT the primary ones (iTunes only really has one window and it's the primary one).

When I minimize them they simply pop back open. I have to click 3,4 even 5 times sometimes in order to get them to stay minimized.

any advice?


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Are you aware of the windows 7 "shake" feature? You may we be experiencing it.
If you want to disable it, do this:
Open regedit, and then navigate down to the following key:HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows
Right-click on the Windows key and create a new key called Explorer.

Now right-click on the right-hand side, create a new 32-bit DWORD with the following settings:
Name: NoWindowMinimizingShortcuts
Value: 1

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If RAK's suggestion doesn't help, can you use Winkey+down arrow to minimize?

If you can, maybe the mouse driver is having a problem or you have the single click turned on.


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My suggestion is not going to help!
I just read the OP again. It is only on those two windows - missed that. So it isn't shake.

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