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Windows 7 When/why do I need a second graphic driver (Intel + AMD-ATI)?


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Mar 20, 2010
I bought a new Samsung notebook with a core i7 CPU and an (additional)
AMD Radeon HD8870M graphic chip.

I guess the AMD Radeon chip is only for those users who are not satisfied with the (speed) of the Intel-built-in graphic chip.

What else are the advantages of using the AMD Radeon display chips over the Intel built-in graphic? Do I eventually miss some power options?

From my point of view I am ok with the Intel-graphic GPU.

Do I really have to install the additional AMD (Catalyst) drivers to let the notebook work properly?

Currently I installed only the Intel graphic drivers and the system seem to work fine.

As far as I can see the AMD graphic driver package installs many, many stuff (Control Center, Profile handler, utility, help for various languages,....). I hate these frills. I
s there a way to only install the AMD drivers only - without the Catalyst stuff around?

Yes, you may either opt to install the drivers only by selectively installing in the first place or you may uninstall the extras via the normal software removal process.
The added GPU is usually used by gamers as the Intel on-chip graphics is still far too underpowered for anything above the lowest settings in today's, or really any of the graphic intensive games of the last 5 years. Your laptop will play most of today's games at mid to high graphics levels.

I'm pretty sure that AMD has done a good job of matching nVidia's Optimus-a program for splitting the graphics workload, so yes, you'll only need the driver itself, and, once you've set your preferences to lean towards the intel side, you're good to go.

As an avid gamer I pity that poor, unloved gpu in your rig. Many gamers would love to have that kind of firepower for WoW. hehehe