Where are SystemRestorePoint stored? Changing partition possible?


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As far as I know System Restore Points are stored in a system folder "SystemRestoreVolume"

Ok, but on which partition is this folder?
Is it ALWAYS on the same partition as the saved/monitored partition?

I have a Win7 system partition C: and a (big) data partition D:
Can I tell Win7 somehow to store the SystemRestoreInformation from partition C: into the SystemRestoreVolume on partition D:?

If yes: How?



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I don't know of a folder called that, but there could well be. I do not use the restore/backup facility, but my first restore point, on installation, was put in the folder "Restore" on the same partition as the installation.


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No, each system restore point and its associated data must be stored on the partition to which it relates. If you are concerned (quite rightly) about maintaining restore and recovery options you might consider one of the many packages available to enable imaging of your system drive and saving that image on another partition (internal or external). I personally use Acronis True Image but there are many others, some free (like Clonezilla).

I use W7 itself to do a full backup image of the C drive to my E:\internal drive scheduled Daily at 0400 hours. I also do a weekly backup using Macrium Reflect (which is Free) to my internal E:\ Drive

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