Where are the files in my 'user' folder?

My windows 7 install is using about 13GB. I want to keep all (as much as possble) my data out of the Windows install partition. If I view the properties on the USER->MY-ACCOUNT folder, the dialog says 2GB. If I navigate into the folder all the subfolders (Contacts, Desktop, Downloads, Favorites, Links, My Documents, My Music, MY Pictyres, My Videos, Saved Games, and Searches) are empty. I can't find any option to view hidden files (like they had in XP). Where is the 2GB of data? Thanks.


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Hi Bruder,
if you checkout the screenie, you can get to folder options by clicking 'organise', folder and search options and then view. You'll then see the options to show hidden files ect...

thanks kemical, got it.... somehow i missed that organize option. i like the nicer organization of the 'user data' folder in windows 7.

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