Where are the user profiles ?

I am used to goingto c:\documents and settings
and then ripping all the garbage out of ALL USERS so that stuff doesnt get handed out to every subsequent profile that gets added

so how do I do that now ????



Noob Whisperer
From the menu bar, choose tools, folder options, and then the View Tab at the top
You will need to choose
Show hidden files, folder and drives
as well as
Uncheck Hide Protected operating system files
to expose both
All Users as well as Default User
Hope this helps

Thanks for the reply,

I am confused....If I open "COMPUTER" and then navigate to c:\users I do not see the menu bar you speak of........... others are telling me I must "operate" on a new user in there called PUBLIC............

here is where i am...I go to c:\users with that folder highlited I select Folder and search options from the Organize menu and then I can show hidden/systems drives/folders

now I see the all usersand stuff...wonder why my navigatioanl path is so different than what you suggest ?? I dunno ...but I now see what I need to see...thanks


Noob Whisperer
You bet, glad you found it.
That's the default behavior (hiding the tool bar) you can change that also, and perhaps I should have mentioned that first.
Choose, as you did before the Organize drop down arrow and select LayOut and then click menu bar. Sorry, sometimes I assume to much.

Lol, the tool bars hidden by default has been this way since Vista, so there's more space for files and folders. Just hit "Alt" and it'll show up.


Noob Whisperer
Thanks cybercore. I'm kinda embarrassed (not really) to admit that I was and still am to some extent a Vista drop out. So unfortunately I'm not too familar with some of the history regarding the UI subtleties. No disrespect to Vista, I'm sure that it was a fine OS (ultimately), but I just wasn't exposed to it much as it wasn't broadly adopted by friends, family nor my business clients so I missed out. But it made learning Win 7 even more fun and interesting.

I too have better respect for Windows 7. Well, I am just saying "Alt to show toolbars" is so obvious and there's hardly a need to mention it, unless someone never used 7 or Vista before. (So you did right not to mention the Alt key)

Trouble said:
That's the default behavior (hiding the tool bar) you can change that also, and perhaps I should have mentioned that first.


Noob Whisperer
Got it and thanks again.
Even had to re-learn it when I installed IE9. So your reminder was much appreciated.

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