Windows 7 Where are the windows7 icons? Want to make program use win7 icon.


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I want to change the icon for a program. I know I can right-click > properties > change icon > browse. But then, where to browse to select the win7 icon?
(I want to make cubicexplorer use a win7 yellow folder-icon)

Where are the win7 icons located?


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Select, when you have the option to change the icon,

But you could also have a look around the web, if nothing interests you there. Here is one, for example:



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o, I see. I copy pasted that path and then the icons appeared.

That changed the icon in my quicklauch-bar, but not on the toolbar.

Thanks for reply.


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After you've changed the icon you need to go to C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\AppData\Local and delete the iconcache.db file (hidden by default, make sure you can see hidden files and folders).
Then use the Disk Cleanup function and delete the Thumbscache, finally re-start.


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thank you.

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